Wami Aluko.

Tobi Onafeko.

Kit Marfleet.

Kome Eleyae.

Nika Webster.

Seb Gentry.

Dan Hotz.

Oscar Gilbert.

Group art show // Mixed Media

It’s hard to believe that the 4-day 07767846475 exhibition was curated by a second-year Edinburgh Uni student, Oscar. Tucked down stony Dundas Street steps, the exhibition opened up into a basement room, with the bold colours of various student artists’ brushstrokes, film clicks and clothes prints hung around the room.

The run from our Old Town based library was definitely worth catching the final hour of the exhibition. Wami Aluko’s photography featured loud primary colours draped on a peaceful woman subject, with every shot evoking feelings of respect and strength.

AMNA (2017) / / Seb Gentry

Tobi’s circular mixed media pieces spiral tangy orange triangles round n round, going from mathematical inky monochromes in one piece to bright bold reds in another (mostly sold out). As we drifted around the room, flickering boxy TVs (by Kit M) showed hauntingly normal images of cold buildings, cold plants and eerie landscapes.

Seb Gentry’s psychedelic pictures featured “AMNA,” a piece depicting a monk seemingly grabbing the shoulders of a woman from behind (with laser beams). His photoshop methods were both wacky and intriguing, with sO much colour.

Stills from film // Kit Marfleet

Kome Eleyae's blue-featured painted figures are often recognisable (Kanye looks down at you from a pillar) ( :) bring back old Kanye). His cold blues make up the warm features of a woman looking hurriedly over her shoulder, scarf wrapped with a few distinct strokes. It often takes you a while to notice the many layers his paintings use.

Nika Webster’s drawings ((all sold by the time we made it to 07767846475)) are depictions of Edinburgh in other countries— we see Russian and Spanish Grassmarkets, the former using communist greys and the latter using funky colours, all with supeRb attention to detail.

Dan’s b&w film, tucked in a corner, depicted a hazy Hyde Park on 420, with a grainy selfie man stretching his hands up and uP. We’d met Dan in Glasgow on a babyblue King Krule night, and it was a v cool surprise to see his artwork featured at Dundas Street.

"電話 - Telephone Calls" - 2017
Acrylic, emulsion & Dutch wax fabric on canvas

Kome Eleyae

The President. For. President clothing stand featured national colours, blurry politics and lots of $$$$ bills. Sarcastically political or taking the piss or both?? Either way we l o v e d  them and obvs bought one ((nb. we were v impressed when Oscar whipped a card machine out of his hoodie pouch)).           (“obviously I take card”)

With a snazzy playlist and students meandering in and out, the exhibition was not only packed with talent but an influential environment to appreciate the often hidden talents of students and friends. The exhibition itself addressed a lot of current themes, with Pres. For. Pres seemingly taking inspiration from current political climates (our t-shirt used the Palestinian flag colours and symbols) and Kome’s blue-palette paintings satirically depicting Kanye and A$AP Rocky. Look out for his tees too— sold out very quickly but more coming we hear.


Amazing work, people and support. Exhibition and playlist flowed in this basement gallery.

Make sure not to miss the next one.

Tobi Onafeko

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