title. Millennial Libs

Here is a list

We have compiled for you

Of stuff that grates ears-

Stuff you shouldn’t do.

When in the library

Or biblioteque-

Whatever you call it-

A place to do Ket(?)

Stop whacking the keys

Of your Macbook pros

And ignoring the buzzes

Of swanky iphones.

Clipped whispers are fine

But don’t take the piss-

With loud stories of tables-

“Then Quentin did THIS..!”

And when outside-

Don’t ask for my cig

And mumble a thanks

With no fucks to give.

I know I smoke sometimes,

I’m no hypocrite,

But maybe try smiling,

Relax features a bit.

I think you’re so cool!

When you chat about New Town-

Oh wait, stop there,

Let me shut you down.


I don’t give two fucks.