Issue 8 : Purist Blue

Issue 8 : Purist Blue explores the SKY behind architecture, feelings of impurity in words (check out Monsieur Belduqué) and the sparklin' blue eyes of boys in libraries. It has been a calming issue to edit as a lot of us roll into hefty deadlines and the adult world. Relax and reflect as you flick through this issue. Click click.  

To get the juices flowing on Issue 8 : Purist Blue our editors picked out personal pictures and scrawled down some accompanying words to conjure up what Purist Blue means to them. Have a scroll n get inspired - we look forward to receiving more submissions in all their purist blue glory!



very simply

     purist blue reminds me of the bluest summertime skies, you know the kind that are so bright that the blue is almost muted, and of the warm hazy days in camogli, italy.


        this picture was taken in the deep summer days when the the sun is so warming you can feel it in your bones.


There is always blueness in a building!!