title. Untitled

name. Alex Sy-Quia

right now. Second year studying German and History at the University of Edinburgh

instagram. @monochrm8

"As a prospective fireman at the age of 4, I found these dark red and chrome fire trucks beyond fascinating. In fact one of my most memorable birthdays as a child involved touring around San Francisco with my then best friend Jesse in a retro fire truck. Whenever people say red it still takes me back to these quintessentially American machines."

What have you learnt since creating this piece?

Great photos are a combination of noteworthy subjects and interesting ways of capturing them; you can’t really do away with either one. Film is also expensive so it’s better to be meditative than trigger-happy.

Where do you dream of living?

Having lived between places my whole life I don’t see an obvious answer. The idea of a fixed place of residence I feel is a dying one as well. Through technological advances it will not only become even more common to live between places but perhaps there will also be less of an emphasis on the place we physically live in: more and more of our lives will be conducted through digital mediums so where we live will effectively become less important.

That said, Oslo with a theoretical Norwegian girlfriend would be great– or New York with a woman like Amal Clooney– (or Berlin with someone who intimidates me intellectually and artistically but I secretly enjoy it?)

What does red remind you of?

Telephone boxes, the classic American fire trucks that I found so fascinating when I was 4 (I also had dreams of being a fireman), original skittles and heirloom tomatoes to name a few.