title. Untitled

name. Alex Sy-Quia

right now. Second year studying German and History at the University of Edinburgh

instagram. @monochrm8

méduse urbaine

Did you know that Telegraph Avenue is recognised by some as a symbol of 1960’s counterculture because of the protests and riots that took place there? Being an artist who is so in touch with their medium, I sought to capture this sentiment as best I could. See how the Telegraph side of the intersection is illuminated while the Bancroft side is in the shade? This naturally characterises the dichotomy between the utopian ‘make love not war’ ethos of the Telegraph hippies as opposed to the evil establishment that is the University of Berkeley, complete with its very own ivory tower. This dichotomy of course goes further, strengthened by the symmetry of the frame: counterculture and culture, good and evil, ketchup and mayonnaise– These are the musings of a serious photographer. I’m not serious; I just thought the people looked like they came out of a lego set, so I took the shot.

peeling garlic at twilight