title. I Am Poem: Self Reflection

name. Arun Mukherjee

I Am Poem: Self Reflection

Look at her over there,

she seems to look, she seems to stare. 

You see how her hands do shake

And tremble as she stands. 

And smile a smile, a smile os fake

With her hair in messy strands. 

she looks at me, but then away

As if I were not there? 

Before my eyes, her face like clay

I see it turn so fair. 

Those eyes quite wet

For she did weep,

I warned her not to fret. 

But she did cry a lake so deep

And seemed in it to drown. 

'Oh why so sad?' I try to ask

But she wears her sadness like a gown. 

she turns her face to reveal a mask

As if she were not there, 

As I reach out, my path is blocked. 

The Pain's too much to bare. 

she holds her breath but I do not. 

I watch her watch me from the lake

And slip away so slow, 

In my chest my heart did break

As I saw her go. 

But this to a stranger would have shown, 

A Girl, with a mirror, all alone.