title. Untitled

name. Benson Joubert

right nowFourth year studying a Bachelor in Business Science

instagram. @coffeewithacamera

Can you describe the moment you wanted to capture?

I just wanted to play around with the round shapes of the balloons, the organic texture of skin and the squares on my bathroom floor.


Can you describe the moment(s) you captured the photo(s)?

I don’t think I captured anything I’d call a “moment”.

Where were you when you realised you wanted to make this piece of art?

Staring at my shower floor.


Were you listening to music when you created this piece?

Yep, some 80s soft rock.


What have you learnt since creating this piece?

I need to put more effort into lighting.

Where do you dream of living?

Berlin, for now.


What does black and white remind you of?

My first few months with a proper camera, when all I shot was Black and White.