What does the word and colour ‘nude’ bring to mind?

Nakedness but not in the whole sense.

What colour / texture / both do you enjoy wearing the most?

On of my favourite textures is corduroy and my favourite colour I enjoy wearing is probably black or dark red or navy.

What do you think is the most important part of our bodies?

I would probably say our eyes. You can tell so much of what someone is feeling from their eyes. I also like that often our eyes are the only part of our bodies with bright colours!

What’s your favourite thing about the body?

Skin is very beautiful and can be very intimate. It appears in so many different shades and textures and how incredible that it can heal so quickly! Having said that, eyes are incredible too and the fact that you can feel things through eye contact without physically touching someone is so amazing.

Who do you admire?

People who do what they love and what they want to do, regardless of what goes on around them.

How do you think the media has influenced your view on the body?

I think the media has made us believe a certain type of body is the best/preferred one but the more I think about it the more I like that everyone has such different bodies. It is what makes them beautiful. In many ways I think the media has made us think of bodies in very opposite ends: either we’re praising all beautiful shapes and forms or we’re unnecessarily thinking of certain body types nicer than others. And that makes me sad.