title. B&W

name. Billy Brake

right nowFourth year studying English Literature and History at the University of Edinburgh

instagram. @billytakesphotos

Can you describe the moment you wanted to capture?

There was never one moment, I guess. They’re all just photos I enjoyed, which were enhanced when placed in black and white.




Can you describe the moment(s) you captured the photo(s)?

Some were planned out, some were quick snaps, but really it just consisted of me thinking “oh, that’s pretty”. I can’t say I think about the specifics of my photography too much.

Where were you when you realised you wanted to make this piece of art?

Just standing there, in a shop, beach, coastline, park. Just, there.


Were you listening to music when you created this piece?

Yes and no. Sometimes it was “Show Me The Way” by Peter Frampton, or it was “The Bird” by Anderson. Paak. Or I was walking down a hill with my mum, chatting.

What have you learnt since creating this piece?

I like photos.


Where do you dream of living?

I’m open to anywhere really, San Francisco or Barcelona would be fun for a while. Florence, maybe.


What does black and white remind you of?

My dog, Indy.