title. Untitled

name. Charlie Beckwith

right now. Fourth year studying History at the University of Edinburgh

What is black and what is white only reveals itself in hindsight.

Yet that does not make anything clearer.

You can be pushed into the black.

Out of your control. Against your will.

The darkness wasting your fight.

Caused by someone you once viewed as a source of light.


The darkness does not care for your confusion.

It does not answer your questions.

It just sits there.

Immovable Arrogant and Unaware.

Darkness is passive.

Nothing more than absence.

But betrayal is not passive.

Deceit is not passive.


So what’s the point?

In bargaining with the darkness.

You can shine a light.

But you won’t like what you see.

So just leave and don’t fight.

For the darkness won’t reflect your light.