title. Copenhagen 1 & 2

name. Charlotte Pascoe

right now. Studying Illustration at the University of Edinburgh

instagram. @_psco_

On the first image I was walking through the botanics and I actually ended up there by accident. I had no idea where I was going and it was really cloudy and bloody freezing. When I found this glasshouse i just knew it would be a great composition. The second image was me being more of a tourist and trying to get the feel of the sunny yellow houses just as the sun came out. 


This trip was actually my first time using a film camera. I had just booked a flight to Copenhagen like a week before on my own, I had no idea how to use the camera or where I was going & I had my phone stolen on one of my last days there aha. 


I can't actually remember listening to any music on that day, I think I was too busy looking at things to really care. 


Since & during taking this set of pictures I think I've learnt to be more selective about what to take pictures of. When I was shooting with a digital camera I just took photos of everything, but film makes you stop and think and actually look at something before you capture it and that's helped me in my design practice as well. 


I would love to live in Paris (bc of the architecture) or maybe Sweden or something, but I haven't gone to Sweden yet so I'm not sure. 


Yellow reminds me of reggae music and cold Devon beaches and 70s funk and disco. It's probably my fave colour.