name. Clare Milliken

title. The Purest Form of Blue

right now. Studying Energy Sustainability and Politics

Can you describe the moment you wanted to capture?


The inner thoughts of children are so interesting, and they are rarely represented, both because it is sometimes difficult for them to express themselves and also because they are hardly ever still enough to capture. Out in the world, they are in one sense an extension of their parents yet when you put a camera in front of them, they suddenly have to think for themselves. Like most photos, I really wanted the photos to say what the kids weren’t verbalizing. Or an interpretation of it. You really never know what kids are thinking about.


Can you describe the moment you captured these photos?


Aliens looking at other Aliens.


Image 4: We're both blue.

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 9.38.30 PM.png

In my bedroom. I share a roof with one of my best friends from next door. The landlord caught me on the roof too many times and nailed a screen on my window. The barrier hurt both of us.


Were you listening to music when you created this piece?


Stan Getz


What have you learnt since creating this piece?

How to take the screen off.

What does purist blue remind you of?


My interpretation of Purist Blue in my shots are just more the emotions that come through. Sadness is one of the purest emotions on adults and so I feel like it’s kind of a play on the idea. In a sense, children are the purest, but some would argue that their sadness is less indicative of a deeper feeling.