The Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel

Blushing pink in a new millennium

Words: excerpts from website and TripAdvisor. 

As you step through the grand entrance installed to welcome the Prince of Wales in 1925, history unfolds before you. Stroll gardens John Lennon once frequented to meditate. Hear how a young Winston Churchill deemed it a "most excellent establishment". Sit at Nelson Mandela's favourite table. To stay here is to be part of something special.

Our colonial interiors have been gorgeously restored and punctuated with stylish, modern touches.

Those nostalgic for the colonial days will feel right at home in this plush and elegant hotel, the oldest in Cape Town. It certainly feels uneasy to see this mostly white clientele being serviced by an all black staff, but South Africa is perhaps more used to this discrepancy than I am. Politics aside, … is a very pleasant and luxurious hotel bathed in an aura of old classicism. 


The bath tub in the massage room is unfortunately no longer in use due to the severe drought that Cape Town is experiencing and as such we do explain this situation to our guests and suggest they take a shower instead.


"... painted pink for peace."