What does the word and colour ‘nude’ bring to mind?

Ngl, nude makes me think of those really unattractive ‘no vpl’ pants!

What colour / texture / both do you enjoy wearing the most?

Im a sucker for black! Although I think red suits me best. I loveeee velvet!

What do you think is the most important part of our bodies?

Your face! It’s how you react to the world and what people see as ‘you’.

What’s your favourite thing about the body?

How fucking amazing it is, there is so much going on inside you, keeping you alive and you don’t even think about it or control it, science is rad!

Who do you admire?

Ellie Rowsell, lead singer for Wolf alice. She’s doing it for the girls for sure! Massive girl crush.

How do you think the media has influenced your view on the body?

I am much more aware about how I look than I’d like to be, instagram is a bitch. I wouldn’t consider myself as self conscious but seeing images of flawless girls does stick in the back of my mind when it comes to my own body.