title. Untitled

name. Fabian Peternek

right now. PhD student studying Informatics at the University of Edinburgh

When I read the theme was "Royal Blue", I was a bit stumped at first. Blue is a rather rare colour in nature, pretty much mainly occurring in the sky and in shadows. Nevertheless it got me thinking about photographic printing, and specifically cyanotypes. This quite old negative to positive printing process results in a blue and white print of the photo. I thought this is interesting, as nowadays, when people hear "monochrome" they think black and white, despite some historic precedent for different colours: other examples would be early computer screens using a green and black scheme, and everyone who's had an original GameBoy as a child knows the different shades of green it exclusively produces quite well.

Unfortunately I currently don't have the means to produce my own cyanotypes in time, but the blue is rather light anyway. So I thought I'd give a digital version a try and produce monochromes with royal blue instead of black. But then I also thought, why not take it a step further? Who says it needs to be blue and white? Using a complementary orange for white could be interesting. Sure, these aren't monochromes anymore (I suppose it'd now be diachromes or something like that), but this did actually work quite well for some photos (and not so well for others). I thought I'd submit some of the ones I found more successful.