Flora Beagley, portfolio.

FRUIT Magazine


I co-founded FRUIT Magazine in August 2016. It's an online platform to showcase the creative work of young people that don't necessarily study creative degrees or pursue creative professions, helping nurture untapped creative value and encouraging incorporation of these skills into later life. 

The magazine has been designed, maintained, edited and produced by myself and friend Bianca. Consequently, I have learnt technical skills such as how to engage with SEO, edit websites for multiple browsers and devices as well as effectively use analytics on a daily basis. 

Furthermore, I consistently take people's ideas and turn it into marketing material, as well as present it in a form that is appealing to an audience as well as effective for the artist. 

Feel free to have a browse whilst you're here, all issues are themed around a colour and can be found in the 'archives' section of this website!

FRUIT material I've created:


Video for this collaboration exploring gold in Minsk, Belarus. 

FRUIT  x ZERO PRESS club night video

Advertising the poem 'Catacombs' in our Purist Blue issue. 

Marketing our exhibition 'PISSOIRÉE' in 2019

 Production Assistant 


Production Assistant for Brighton based artist SCOFINN and with Snape Maltings music department. 


Being production assistant to Brighton based artist ‘Scofinn’ involved helping with designs, inputting from early stages of a piece to helping at the printers, as well as choosing mediums on which to print. Further, I ran her social media platforms, sales, finances and marketing campaigns throughout her well reputed Open House weekends, where the studio showcased several artists who were selling work. This involved high levels of administrative organisation and creative vision. I produced layout plans for artists, helped with pricing and helped connect with future clientele. 

Snape Maltings: DECEMBER 2019

At Snape Maltings, I was supporting both the Aldeburgh Young Musician scheme as well as the Learning and Inclusion Department. The AYM scheme involved writing contracts for musicians who were coming to teach aspiring musicians, communicating to work out logistics such as resources needed for projects and wages. The Learning and Inclusion department provided work that supported their vision to use music to bring communities closer. Consequently, I invested a lot of time in creating social media and marketing campaigns to highlight what activities the charity were up to as well as attracting the attention of young people that would benefit from the schemes. I spent time perfecting advert designs for music magazines and flyers, maintaining the institution’s logo and style whilst adding bold colours to attract potential young musicians. 


 Marketing for Theatre Fideri Fidera 



I have been working for the theatre production company ‘Theatre Fideri Fidera’ based in Brighton. This has been an invaluable long-term experience with the arts world. I have been Head of Marketing, throughout the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, thus creating press releases, photographing productions for publications and social media, creating and running multiple social media platforms, seeking out and booking new venues, as well as attending events where I can promote shows. I have developed excellent IT skills related to digital marketing, digital design, as well as creating spreadsheets for sales tracking. 

 Freelance Writer 


I have published online work throughout this magazine, including pages like the editors note on each issue, and in Dr. Vinyl music magazine. I regularly discuss ideas with the commissioning editor on the latter publications, and I thoroughly enjoy the creative process of working to a brief. (See article The Return of Frank Ocean: https://drvinylmag.com/). 


 Self-initiated projects 


Last year, I curated the exhibition ‘PISSOIRÉE.’ It was an opportunity to showcase artists in a physical space from this online magazine. This involved liaising with the gallery owners and agreeing on a discounted price after articulating the visions and what we planned to achieve, designing the layout of art in the space to best create a flow and engagement from the audience, promoting products of the artists through marketing and degrees of information at the show, and running and designing creative marketing campaigns. It was a huge success and we raised awareness of young emerging Scottish and English artists in Edinburgh. See full event page here


A filter I created inspired by the traditional Scottish snack! Aimed to engage young people with 'old-fashioned' brands over platforms like Instagram. 

 IT and creative skills 

  • SEO knowledge and experience

  • Wacom pad

  • Photoshop 

  • Pixelmator 

  • Analytics

  • All social media platforms

  • Excellent communicator 

  • Photography

  • Current culture


Produced by myself, words by Federico Davì who looks back at Santa Rosalia, a figure who has protected Palermo in the past in times of trouble, such as the pestilence of the 1600s. It's interesting how some young people are looking back at times of bubonic plague and religious influence to contextualise the current pandemic.