What does the word and colour ‘nude’ bring to mind?

Finland! I’m part Finnish and the Finns are always naked in saunas.

What colour / texture / both do you enjoy wearing the most?

Denim. Preferably double denim. I remember wearing it on my first day at uni here. I also love wearing denim because it’s a material worn equally often by both sexes. 

What do you think is the most important part of our bodies?

Probs our ears. My mum and brother have beautiful voices and I would hate to not be able to hear them sing. 

That said, I hate not being able to avoid the whine of politicians that are constantly on TV and my Facebook feed!!!

What’s your favourite thing about the body?

Soz 2 be annoying but can’t think of a universal specific part. For me, I disliked my back because it always gave me pain but recently I found out I have scoliosis!! Which means my spine is wonky and curves like a snake. I now feel bad for my lil weak back so am liking it more now. For others, I love my sister’s red hair, my friend Sophie’s height, Joe’s curly hair… etc etc….. 

Who do you admire?

LooOTs of people. My two Grandfathers particularly. Friends. My little brother Ben who whittles loads of stuff out of wood (he’s setting up an instagram soon, watch this space..), strong women and men.

How do you think the media has influenced your view on the body?

The media just makes people (and me) narrow minded. If it ever makes me feel like I’m not good enough in some physical way, I have to make myself see the bigger picture and how there’s waY bigger problems out there to occupy my mind with. Global warming!! Right wing populism!! What I’m having for dinner!!! 

Also, we’re too harsh. There are so many brands with positive mentalities out there, especially clothing ones; batoko swimwear, Monki - two examples. Shop there. Feel happy. Dig into cake.