We're so PROUD to have made it to our tenth issue of FRUIT Magazine. It means an online decade's worth of pieces reflecting your creativity with our colours, so it's very special to us. 

GOLD is perfect for this. It symbolises so much and carries tonnes of connotations. Money, worth, treasure, reward, economics, jewellery, rarity, and age. Golden light. 

The first few features of this issue have begun to capture these ideas. Lara Olszowska's 'MINSK IS GOLD' collaboration with us involved collecting gold aesthetics in Minsk, Belarus, and exploring how these touches transformed the city. Her words, with our film of her collected footage, have combined to attempt to immerse the reader in the golden Soviet metro and harsh concrete buildings. 

Illustrator Astrid has used warm golden touches on her work, whilst IV Kallin has incorporated hazy golden memories into her poetry. 

We hope you enjoy this issue, our tenth issue, and we are forever grateful to our loyal readers, artists and writers! 

Lots of love, 

B & F