how to : brighten gross Edi flats

What better place to start than where we all spend most of our days; a somewhat cold, damp and often cramped student flat. Hey, make secluded hungover days a wee bit better by shoving colour, pattern and questionable plant life into your humble abode. 

Dooooooooooodles : Phoebe Hollings


Everywhere. Reaching from the tippy tops of your ceiling to your skirting board. It’s important for a feeling of light, space and it’s imperative you can see yourself naked at every angle. 


With big leaves. The type that people sometimes describe as being aesthetic and no one really knows what that means but they look fresh and cool. The kind you find dotted all over Bianca’s instagram (@biancadamolo). Bring a jungle to the most jungle-less place in the World. 

Space doesn’t always mean cleanliness, but a lot of the time they come hand in hand.

Also, if you want to throw a din party and the table isn’t big enough, spread out a Twister mat and eat curry cross-legged on that instead.

Space is vital for stretching, laying out maps and mid-life crisis’ - you need to be able to comfortably fit your whole body in a flat position.  


                TIP FOUR : COLOUR. 

It’s important you put the least appropriate colours for Edinburgh in your flat. Edinburgh, which we all agree to be a beautiful city, screams neutrals, greys and dimness.


                           Spice your space up with yellow duvet covers, pink teapots and oriental rugs (no cigars though). Get people to leave comments on post-its up the walls (remember to take tasteless ones down before parents visit). 


Whether it’s to spread a political message, display a love for Kurt Cobain or use a post card that’s been kicking about, it all adds character.

(some good, some bad). 


Your laptop is a feature of the home- more still, it’s a feature of the flat and the outside World. It’s important it adheres to your theme - shove bright stickers all over it (especially Lux ones). Promote local businesses or put rogue flags on as conversation starters. 

Artwork : Phoebe Hollings. Please send us in suggestions for our next How to : article xo