How to : Sort out your Spotify

Woweee after a long and lengthy wait that sunshine is finally here! Open your windows and pack yer holiday bags for what I’m sure will be a super summer, whatever you intend to do. Throughout changing countries and climates there’s always a constant- your soundtracks. Taking you through dull library sessions to evening beer-fuelled barbecues, your tunes are perhaps the only thing you’ll take from exam season to free season. It is therefore imperative that they are in the best possible order. We asked our in-house creative tech to take us through the steps of creating the best covers to our fave playlists. 

1. Choose photo

2. Crop to square

3. Adjust to 1000x1000 (Not essential but makes it easy for calculations)

4. Create selection for text box size (For some reason I’ve always stuck with 330x330)

5. Add the border by changing it from clear to white and adjust it’s thickness

6. Add the text box and adjust it’s size to match the width to 330x330 selection made earlier

7. Type in text and adjust font size so that the text its height is as close to 330 as possible (I’m usually a few pixels off)

8. Centre the text by dragging it’s top left corner to the bottom right corner of a 335x335 box (Math’s works out that this will centre it - check pic)

9. Add any additional text

10. Export and add to Spotify

Thanks to Philip Van Biljon