title. On the Isle of Skye

name. Hunor Deak

right now. Fourth year studying Geology at the University of Edinburgh

The Knights of PalAlba and the Lost Dragons of Time


On the Isle of Skye, a mystery lies,

Not treasure, not man’s secret but true beauty in Nature’s eyes,

On the thin coast, on the broken rock, A story is laid for our flock,

Little prints, that dot the land

Will give you a story detailing a tale spanned, A story that covers the depth of time, Showcases distant creatures in their prime, Were they of God or Evolution foretold?

Hard to tell on the prints behold, The prints are random, yet orderly, Giving our minds quite a frenzy,

Could they be of nature battered by the sea,


Or were they something different in their entirety? Well dear Traveller, believe it or not,

there is a massive tale afoot!


Those prints dancing in the faint sunlight, were left by creatures of great delight.

Once upon a time in the land of Caledonia,  Dragons roamed the land from Gretna Green to Iona, they ate the plants and they ate the meat,

yet they left without the faintest hint. They were big and they were small,

they were creatures that today could not recall. These lizards roamed the land,

eons before man walked in the African sands! To stretch the tale further, I presume,

the creatures of the prints were as big as a hot air balloon.


Their necks stretched far to the skies, like North American pines,

their feet were wide and stubby, leaving prints large and merry.

They roamed the shores in the far past,


when Scotland was home to the tropics at long last. They left their mark on the papyrus of time,

these facts you cannot deny!



You might cry of this being preposterous, a tall tale told to amuse the lot,

A tail perhaps said at an Edinburgh pub, Made up by the folk of Glesgae,

Passed on by fishermen who sail the Tay, coloured by the women of mucklebackit,

to trick wondering men without the faintest hint.



I can assure you the story is true,

with a few lies that need to be separated for the truth. These creatures of the past were not truly lizards,

their appearance might as well be a creation of a wizard, They had long and scally feet,

Yet feathers covered them like roofs of sleet.  They truly did not disappear into the mist of time, now they stay perched on the electric wires high.

These Dragons of the past are our birds of today,

with the wise crow and the cunning woodpecker ruling the day, the owl watches guard,

while a humble hen dreams away the night.


These creatures of our past are so well hidden,

We truly forgot to look the here and then.


A long time ago the brothers in arms, North America and Europe broke apart, they carried the sands and they carried the plates,

Their break was fatal like Abel and Cain’s.



Their descendants have fixed the breach at last,

Uncovering our land’s murky past.


There came a man, a valiant knight,

to find these Dragons of the ancient past. His crest, blessed by St. Andrews,

has the mark of the Dragons, that cannot be recused. He, like the Arthur of old,

lead merry men on paths untold.


The lost land was found by these men of fortune, their work was close to torture.

They hammered the rock and fought the sea, often challenging the tides so deep.

But one with the eyes of keen, noted the breach, allowing them to storm the beach.

Like soldiers of old, fighting tyrants of past, they discovered and guard our heritage long last! They saw the lizard, the mammal and the shark, making their mark on our land.



They followed the footsteps of old,

on the dying sunset, a great truth to behold! They brought us the past from lands lost in time,

story of their efforts have spread across the North Atlantic divide, men of young, and men of old, listened, as their story was gold, their efforts have inspired most.


From the plains of Montana, to the radium city of Ottawa,

from the scorched plains of Australia, to the deep woods of Transylvania.



They lit the candle in the darkness at last, reuniting two lost continents torn appart.

They have past on the torch,


so the ancient knowledge can shine upon the world. Through the battles with the dragons on the trail wide, by crossing the ancient Clyde,

With a hearth of might,


They have found the Holy Grail of the Past!