Where // what // why

Favourite song? Here comes the hotstepper – Ini Kamoze.

Do people ever comment on your eyes?

Occassionally, but only during intercourse.


Do you wear glasses?

Only rave shades.

How would you describe your eye colour?

Autumn leaves because they go from green to brown as the weeks wear on.

Do you ever notice the colour of other people’s eyes?

Depends on what their other colouring is. Some combinations are more unusual than others, like dark skin and light eyes.


Favourite colour?

Purple, because of its associations with spirituality and imagination, combining the power of red and the tranquility of blue.

If you could be any animal, what would you be?

One hundred percent a stoat. They are weird, wonderful and look like all the other animals combined.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

In the film ‘Shooting Dogs’, Father Christopher says  ‘Sacrifice is the most you can love someone’. It relates to his own death whilst saving Tutsi children from being killed during the Rwandan genocide.


If you could have any colour iris what would you choose?

Violet, like Elizabeth Taylor. She was famous for her beautifully rare eyes. 

Where do you dream of living?

I dream of a double life between a tree house and a camper van. Perhaps the tree house could be somewhere in the New Forest, but the camper van would mean I could leave and return whenever I pleased.

What does green remind you of?

A green jacket I got from my granny when I was 10, still fits. Oh, and a lovely meadows day with my good friends Mary and Jane.