title. Lol I Have No Idea

name. Jack Evans

right now. Second year studying Painting at the Edinburgh College of Art

instagram. @jack0tis

Is this how art works ???

Can you describe the moment you wanted to capture? Can you describe the moment you captured the photo?

Well I suppose as it's a collage it's more of a medley of moments clashed together under the unifying theme of red.

Where were you when you realised you wanted to make this piece of art?

In the studio on instagram when I realised that the deadline was that day. I had seen the soap packaging earlier so I thought that was a good enough basis to start out with.

Were you listening to music when you created this piece?

Nah my phone was on really low battery I remember so I was trying for it to not die (I was making the piece on my phone).

What have you learnt since creating this piece?

Sleep at a reasonable time and eat apples in the morning when you wake up.

Where do you dream of living?


What does red remind you of?

Coca Cola.