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A big part of being at university is meeting new people and discovering their many hidden talents. We spoke to k.osef, a "space jazz" duo with a recently released EP that has a brilliantly (millennial) pink cover. Meet Kypros and Josef, two 20-year-olds taking us into intergalactic listening.

How did you come up with the name for your band?

KYPROS: Pretty simple to be honest, Joey’s name is Josef, so we just chucked a little “k” for Kyp onto the front… 

JOEY: Members: Josef and Kypros (wow @ that creativitiy)

How many people are in the band? What are your roles? How did you find each other?


KYPROS: Just the two of us. Erm simply, I create the vocals and Joey creates the production, but we for sure get loud on each other’s ‘roles’. We actually met in first year at uni because Joey’s band, which he was playing bass for, was looking for a drummer (and I shred on a kit). I asked Joey to help me make a seriously depressing tune over summer and it got addictive real quick.

JOEY: Just the two of us (we can make it if we try). He’s the front man I’m the back guy. Our band was looking for a drummer back in first year, and Kyp played drums.

What inspires you to make your music?

KYPROS: Edinburgh people. I was kinda shocked coming from such a diverse place like London. The people I mixed with at university all kind of fitted a mould, and mine and Joey’s music sort of celebrates our difference (?). That sounds super self-righteous, but ye I’m Cypriot.

JOEY: It's better than meditation. 

How did you come up with the album artwork?

KYPROS: Joey’s a wizard, ask him.

JOEY: Blue Note Records (Jazz record label) has some super simple iconic two tone album covers. The sort of simple that draws you in to listen. I went into this trying to make something that’d look cool at vinyl album cover scale. We’re a two piece, our Ep is twotone. Who is pink and who is yellow…?

How does the process of writing your music work?

KYPROS: Joey usually makes a beat first and I just spray some lyrics about being a super reflective, creative and philanthropic young adult over the top.

JOEY: Usually I’ll start with a simple drum loop or sample or piano phrase and just see what feels natural to put on top. I try as much as possible to let that loop or idea speak for itself. Less is more. Then will give to Kyp and maybe give him a phrase or idea to bounce off. It’s all feedback tho, I might give it to Kyp and he’ll take it in a completely different direction

If you had to choose, who would be your favourite musician of all time?

KYPROS: Hmm… Probably Hendrix if that’s not too bait… His music definitely isn’t my favourite, but I love the way he uses just a guitar to create such a sensory experience. Like he plays colours and moods with strings, not even words. That’s a madness and I really rate that.

JOEY: Couldn’t say, but right now its Yussef Dayes of Yussef Kamaal.

What is your favourite album artwork of all time?

KYPROS: I don’t usually like extra artwork cos I’m all about really minimalist stuff, but probably the “Axis: Bold As Love” cover cos it’s sick.

JOEY: Bit cliché but probs the Madvillainy cover. Fuuuucking cooooool.

What are your goals for the future of your band?

KYPROS: Leave a legacy but try not to die at 27.

JOEY: Mainly just to have some fun and get us on the map a bit. I’m happy to just see what happens

What // Where do you study?


KYPROS: I study Philosophy, the study of wisdom, at the University of Edinburgh.

JOEY: I’m doing Architecture at the University of Edinburgh.

What is your favourite novel?

KYPROS: Don’t really read that much fiction but probably The Old Testament.

JOEY: Probably The Picture of Dorian Grey.

Where do you dream of living?

KYPROS: London. Best city in the world - dreams do come true.

JOEY: Anywhere where there's quiet when I need it.

What colour inspires you the most?


KYPROS: Ah definitely pink. There’s something super comforting about using pink as a guy. It has so many exclusive connotations, so when you use it and pull it off you just feel like a bad boy. And pulling stuff off is just security.

JOEY: Right now its the pale yellow of the logo. Same colour as all my architecture work.