name. Lana Svirezheva

title. Portrait of the Canal (Oil, oil pastel and acrylic on wood, 233 x 110cm) & Maia (Gel pen and chalk pastel on paper, 20 x 20cm). 

Portrait of the Canal

What happens when a painting is made in two days and two months at the same time? On the first day its principal figure sits down by the painted line of the shore. A few months pass in observation of the still, opaque waters, until one day they clear up, revealing a pictorial space quivering with aquatic life. The figure looks on in envy, feeling apart from the rest of its pictorial companions through its early, solitary birth. 


Sometimes one looks on at an object far away, perhaps you have done so too, in a museum you have never been to, through a black-and-white photograph, in an old book on ancient roman portrait busts – and you see your grandmother, her marble skin glowing as it does on the black-and-white photographs of her youth, her cheeks cool, rounded, and smiling, very still. Because black is actually a very dark blue (you know it to be so whenever you mix black and white on your palette, and place a brush-full of it next to an orange tone on your painting), you choose a cobalt blue pastel stick, and softly draw her lovely head.