What does the word and colour ‘nude’ bring to mind?

When I hear the word it reminds me of something sexy and strong but when I see it I can’t keep the image of my grandmother’s bra out of my mind. I used to live with her and she had these enormous bras that would be strewn around the house. Strange I know but nude reminds me of old people’s underwear.

What colour / texture / both do you enjoy wearing the most?

Anything loose and soft that I can move around in. Being comfortable in the day makes me happy. Anything green, blue but I try to avoid red.

What do you think is the most important part of our bodies?

When it comes to self-image and how we perceive our bodies we all are incredibly varied. We all look different and we all perceive ourselves differently. With that, I think the most important part of our bodies is the eyes. 

Funnily enough it’s the part of our bodies that we look at most when socialising with other people but not when we look at ourselves. We never look ourselves in the eye longer than a second when we look in the mirror. When we look in the mirror it’s always an up and down movement to judge ourselves, but when we see others it’s the inverse. We look them up and down for a sec then straight to their eyes.

What’s your favourite thing about the body?

The body is extremely interesting in the way that it is connected to your brain. Once you’re relaxed my favourite thing is how receptive and responsive your body is to your thoughts and touch when you actually focus your mind toward your body. It’s quite easy to passively live in this slab of bony meat that takes you places for you etc. but when you focus your mind on it and care for it and love it, really amazing things can happen.

Who do you admire?

My brother. No matter what.

How do you think the media has influenced your view on the body?

It’s hard to say. The media are so sneaky. They influence us in extremely subtle ways. A body trend that is changing so imperceptibly slowly that we don’t even notice ourselves changing. They’re motherfuckers. They make people constantly conscious and vain. This doesn’t only hurt them but also the relationships we have with others. “If I don’t think or feel that I’m sexy they won't think it either”. We can get so caught up in a world where everyone is interested in his or her own self-image, that no one really pays attention to those around them. It’s a serious contributing factor that makes young single people (the most vulnerable ones to the effects of social media) find it really hard to find love! Lets get over ourselves guys, and get into each other!