title. L.E.D Blue

name. Lottie Leseberg Smith

right now. Second year studying History of Art and English Literature at the University of Edinburgh

L.E.D Blue

Hands up

Spin round and round

Let that blue light caress your face

Turning white to red to green

And back to blue again.

It makes the music louder

Reminds us where we are

And where we are going to.

Let the vodka hit and the voices soften

Getting closer to feeling like fuck it.

You lock eyes

You know whats about to happen

You can see it now

You can feel it

You can almost taste it.

Salty breath gasps in anticipation

Of the knowing.

Its so close.

That thought takes over and you turn, walk out

Not looking back.

Trance like, you just can’t help yourself.

There you are, out the door and into the outside.

Walk to a run to a leap,

This is what you are waiting for.

As you walk through into what feels like home

Paper passes through hands

And the box is passed.

This is it you say, this is it.

You fumble slowly, taking your time,

Dont rush,

Open it wide and gaze down, until,

Sucking crunching munching

Greedy flurry until you can take no more.

Sit, look back in awe.


So there it was and here it is

An ode to this blue chicken shop

I fucking love your chips.