title. Nature

name. Lottie Leseberg Smith

right now. Second year studying History of Art and English Literature at the University of Edinburgh

Nature’s green you say

With a hint of a smile on those lips.

Closing your eyes,

Being able to breath again

Must feel as good as this.

In and out.

You turn your head towards mine.

Lazy look in your eyes

Smile to a smirk,

You wink and take my hand.

Out to the open

These eyes seeing new.

Running through the streets,

Peeking round corners

These bright lights dont seem so discreet.

Wonder wanders us.

Until we fumble back to yours

And fall into bed.

Looking down to your hand still held in mine,

Thinking of lazy days ahead and all those lazy days behind.

You gave me my youth back

And so i sit

Look up,

Legs crossed

Waiting to be able to breath again.