title. for Saritha and Maya

name. Lottie Leseberg- Smith

right now. Studying English Literature and History of Art at the University of Edinburgh

for Saritha and Maya


Feet out the window

We sat side by side.

That song dancing a smile onto our lips.

One hand on the ledge the other in yours,

Looking out into our world

That stretched from one end of the street to the other.

It was one of those nights that had kept the warmth of the day

But still a cup of tea and a slice of toast was needed,

Buttery Crumbs holding onto fingers

That only tasted just right in that room of that house on that road.

It was nights like these i remember best

Each hardly different from the other

But never the same.

We drifted greedily,

Just sitting


About the days like this.

Our hair still slightly wet from the ponds,

Our eyes giddy with what we had done and all that was to come.

The things we had seen

Growing up.

And I still remember that room that held a whole summer.

Lying on our backs

Hands on our tummies

Looking up at the fairy lights hanging on the ceiling sky

I have never felt so safe.

That is the room i go to when i want to run away,

Its the room i’ve loved in

Its the room i’ve cried in

Its the room

You both made me laugh in.

Its a sacred space

Tread carefully

Tip toe to the door

And shut it softly, tucking the memory of us gently into bed,

No need for lullabies.