title. Lisbon Seascapes

name. Lucy Milligan

right now. Second year studying Psychology at the University of Edinburgh

website. http://38milligan.wixsite.com/lamart/artwork

Can you describe the moment(s) you captured the photo(s)?

I suppose Lisbon is considered a coastal city boasting history and sunshine, so witnessing the storm in which my photographs were taken provided an unusual and moody perspective on a conventionally serene city. 

This was an attempt to trap the moment of collision of the waves crashing against the rocky promenade on Lisbon's seafront, which hopefully came across through the heavily applied, abstract medium.

What were you listening to when you created this piece?

Most likely Paul Simon

Where do you dream of living?

Somewhere with endless sunshine and avos!

What does blue remind you of?

Blueberries, school uniform, Dory, Duncan James