title. (stolen from Gus' Facebook)

name. Gus Branth

right now. Third year studying Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh

I normally keep most of my thoughts and opinions off Facebook, but I think this is an important issue and far too many people don't seem to understand how prima facie mundane activity on social media has been used to identify, target, and manipulate opinions.

Many thoughtful people I've met at university commonly rally against echo chambers, fake news, and condemn big data and its uses in politics, yet are unaware of how they contribute to all of these issues through thoughtless boredom killers.

Every time you sign up to one of those useless (albeit entertaining) Facebook quiz/ face morphing apps and sign in through Facebook for convenience - you are not only giving up your own data but your friends as well.

Rants about Trump or Brexit are fun, but rarely lead to anything positive and instead promotes an US vs THEM mentality.

In an age of hysteria and disinformation, duty falls on the individual to critically think about the information we are exposed to and promote the change in the world that they want to see.

TL;DR - Stop signing up for shitty Facebook apps, finding out what you look like with a beard isn't worth your own and your friends data.