Striking Snowflakes

“A snowflake generation

Is what you seem to be.

Have you heard of ‘strikes’?”

(laughing and smacking knee).


“I’ll be off next week.

Call it week eight.

No grades will be given.

So don’t be late!!!!!”


(again smacks knee).


The students feel sorry

For poor Doctor Lee,

Who now can’t get costa

Or Soderberg brie.


These poor wee lecturers

Who work so so hard

Trawling books they hate-

For opinions they guard.


Us students should give

Their 9 grand a year

To the poor vice chance

With worries so dear.


Us young aren’t familiar

With the word ‘pension’-

We don’t know anything…

(‘Mortgage’ convention?!)


Spoilt millennials

Who can’t sympathise

With real adult problems-

In all their demise.