Issue 9 : Neon Mint

This issue means a lot as the timing of it has coincided with a lot of us (the FRUIT team) graduating from uni. We've loved developing this project over the past three years and it has led to many awesome opportunities and people. We encourage anyone reading this who wants to start up a creative venture to help promote others in whatever form to just do it! Anything is possible with energy and a wifi connection. Our archives are stuffed with talent (check em out) and our main aim is to encourage young students to feel balanced and confident through offering their creations, in whatever form, to us. 

This issue has seen creatives interpret the colour 'Neon Mint' through microscopes, nature, the colour of houses and much more. It's amazing how it has been interpreted as both sterile and natural as a shade. 

Our next issue will be ISSUE 10! To celebrate this decade pile of magz we've chosen the colour GOLD. Gold for jewels gold for medals gold for winners :0. Submit to or head to our submit page. 

FRUIT Magazine carries on!! We're still after your words, pictures, paintings, interviews etc etc. It's been a great year for us - we've hosted two club nights and an exhibition that offered the opportunity for budding artists to exhibit in a physical space (check out our event pages). Please feel free to contact us with any venture ideas at

Thanks for reading!!