Pink People



A mass of millennials existing in monotony

Living amongst dichotomy upon dichotomy

Viewing no virtue without its vice

Each of them, a sheep of their own device


We long to walk wildly

To break free of mundane society

Whirling in wonder, wheeling in whimsy

In ignorance, apathy, existing blissfully


Faces amongst, fighting the flood

Despite the soul, beauty seen in blood

Those without, we seem to abhor

Of the unique, the bold, the different, we need more


Be bold in use of body, powerful mentality

Take spirit in great individuality

To oneself, we must all be true

Society fears not the many but the few


“Pink” existing to promote people

Millennial masses motivating modification

Trying to adapt to society’s dictation

Fool yourself not with apparent limitation


Release that inside and be true

To nobody but them that is you

Do not let it amongst dirt drag

With pride, wave high, our “pink” millennial flag.