Celebrating LGBT+ History month


name. Pippa Brown, photographer: Kevin Brady

title. Naoise and Ulster Resistance Soldier 

right now. Costume Designer

instagram. @pippabrowncostume

These photographs are of two costumes I made for my reinterpretation of the Irish folk tale Deirdre, I focused this story on gay marriage still not being legal in Northern Ireland, and the DUPs and Sinn Feins opposing views on this. 

2 (1).jpg

Naoise and Ulster Resistance Soldier, characters from my reinterpretation of the Irish folk-tale Deirdre.


In my production the character Naoise has been changed to a woman, so that the tragic lovers are two women. The theme of forbidden love is explored through gay marriage still being illegal in Northern Ireland, focusing on the opposing views of the loyalists (the DUP and the Ulster Resistance) and the republicans (Sinn Féin and the IRA). Issues surrounding paramilitary activity, homophobia, the Troubles and sectarianism are also explored in this story.

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