Wrapped in Green


My friend Carys (hi Carys yes you’re being featured in Lux), recently compared the two of us to the strong willed, colourful Power Puff Girls. If you’ve ever watched the programme, which I highly recommend, you’ll find three cartoon girls, all associating themselves with a colour; red, blue and green. 

“SUGAR, SPICE AND ALL THINGS NICE” are the ingredients used to make these girls, the words ringing in your ears as you eagerly await the opening theme to the programme. They’re super cool- they use their power to fight off crime and EVIL stuff. 

And why, I hear you eagerly ask, did my friend Carys make this comparison? Why I’ll tell you now- it’s because of our super power - the power of STYLE.

Have you, by any chance, glanced out the library window or looked at the red faced late girl to your 10am tutorials and noticed what both sets of people have in common? I like to call it the sea of green. The sea of the green. The sea of the green Urban Outfitters Puffa coat. 

Rolling your eyes are you? Cuh, how wrong to roll your eyes so prematurely. I lured you in with my stories of Carys and the Power Puff girls, and now I shall lure you in again. 

These green puffas, sped to fame by an endorsing instagram account posting pictures of them on campus up and down the country as well as their general poignant greenness, are like a uniform. A uniform, why that’s bad! I hear you say. Ah, but just because they remind you of mouldy classrooms from 7 years ago, and seem to ignore physique uniqueness, these similarities in style should be wholeheartedly embraced. 

How simply dreamy that out of the scarlet red, deep blue and organic green, the most sought after colour was the latter. I see it as an embracing of nature, a conventionally more unfashionable and less popular colour, ignored by the chic-ness of black and the sole of Louboutin’s infamous shoes. Why has green not yet had it’s time? Hepburn and Monroe wore black and white, Trump likes a spot of the red. I vote green. I didn’t mean the political party, but that’s cool too. Let’s save the World from drabness and start to reflect it’s own colour. Buy green. Wear green. Be green. High five fellow green puffa owners if you yourself are one, and scoff at those who mock your popular taste. It’s time for a colour revolution. 


ps. Check it out : @thatpuffa