What: An event revolutionising traditional clubbing (it’s big) (tickets here)

When: Monday 27th March 2017, 7:30am - 10am

Where: Cabaret Voltaire

Hosted by: SHAKE AWAKE, organised by Isabella Purvis and Isla Mairi Wilson




At what point, in our busy colourful human lives, did boogying to funky tunes around the

house stop going hand in hand with casting shapes and shadows

on a MAD ONE of a night out? What I mean by this is; when did we stop learning to have fun?

Or, more specifically, not intoxicated fun?




Our minds have begun to strongly associate alcohol and drugs with our more successful

nights out. Nights filled with drunken shadowed smoking areas and crammed bodies dancing

in mirrored patterns to our latest music fetish. This culture has dominated our age groups for

the past two centuries; from the 40s Jazz scene finding people

waved on weed to the pumping hearts of ecstasy raves in the 90s.














We all know the science behind the reasons for their popularity - some releasing endorphins, other concoctions meddling with serotonin levels. It’s funny how drugs are often linked to this social resistance, an unconventional method of fun - yet it can be considered the norm between many groups of young people.


BUT we find ourselves heralding this new age, this age of growing veganism, swanky gym memberships and a growing love of Quinoa. You might be rolling your eyes at my beautifully dropped-in stereotype (fair enough), but essentially we find ourselves surrounded by more and more positive thinkers. Wellbeing; it’s finally becoming cool. However, like every new trend and mindset, it starts out as a niche, and is invariably seen as a not-quite-mainstream activity that is often associated with those who can afford it. BUT, my dear pals, this is where the funky and fun part kicks in; it’s being thrown into the mainstream, and it’s coming to Edinburgh.



SHAKE AWAKE MORNING RAVE #1 is joining this up-and-coming scene of sober raving, jumping onto

the want to release endorphins in people but in a new and, frankly funky, way. Much like new and similar raves

such as those popping up in Hackney and all over London, the event encompasses the four following pillars;



                       The Rave



                                       The Yoga


     The massages





                          and the smooooooothies


With pop up stalls promising the juiciest of drinks, the most organic-screaming coffee and cacao shots,

all paired with buckets and buckets of glitter, this rave promises

enough endorphins to fuel a field

full of techno-loving Berliners.



With a disco yoga teacher thrown into the pot, this event is set to begin a revolutionising of the Edinburgh clubbing scene. Organiser Isla identifies clubbing as “the final frontier of what you can do sober”, hoping to change up the “connotations attached that you have to go out and get pissed”. Not only will this new movement prove to be energising and wild, it’s practical - your next day won’t have to be written off, nor will you wake up to a pile of greasy chips strewn over your kitchen table. You’ll be able to do what we all inwardly want; have excited chat and an intense dance sesh.


“We see shake awake as a creative and fun way to bring people together for something

significantly different to the Edinburgh clubbing scene of the moment” states Isabella,

continuing with the idea that “we are both conscious

that times are changing and there is a greater emphasis in today's world on clean living

encompassing yoga and fitness, fresh food and drink, mindfulness and healing and of course the coffee culture.

We love Shake Awake as an enterprise because they manage to unite all these aspects together in a funky way.”



With more than one in five adults choosing not to drink alcohol at all (Office for National Statistics), it seems clear that this new wave of rave might be the first to challenge us, change up traditional views on dance whilst simultaneously offering what we seem to all be craving - health.


Make sure you stop by to join this superawesome new movement gracing our doorstep, with the first one taking place on Monday 27th March at Cabaret Voltaire, Cowgate. It promises glitter, the best Edinburgh DJs, mindful yoga and scrummy potions of drink. Buy tickets here.


Perhaps the best message to bow out to is that of Boy George:


                “You wouldn’t believe how life affirming it is to be in a club where there is no animosity, no attitude, no arseholes.”


Switch on your beloved Spotify,

funk around your house

and funk on down in a week to a new, exciting event revolutionising rave.