In 2016, the number of applications for asylum in Europe reached close to 1.3million. With Germany and Greece taking on 64% of these applications, the pressure on legal administration to process these cases is mounting. Coupled with the need for translators to facilitate action, and the necessity of funding to do so, the quantity of individual cases can appear overwhelming.


SolidariTee is a grassroots non-profit fundraising group. Our campaign raises money to provide Human Rights lawyers for refugees in European camps. The campaign was started by Tiara Ataii, a student at the University of Cambridge,  who saw first hand the acute lack of legal representation of refugees whilst working as a translator for Farsi speaking refugees in Calais, Dessau, and Chios. The insecurity and danger that accompanies this legal limbo adds to the anxiety of fulfilling basic daily tasks in temporary refugee camps. Without legal representation or access to adequate translation facilities, people stranded in refugee camps around Europe are faced with entering complex legal processes without sufficient support. Far from home and exhausted from the treacherous journeys they have had to undertake, the strain of obtaining asylum can be overwhelming.

Our campaign centres around the selling of t-shirts, each costing £10, which equates to the cost of a human rights lawyer, allowing them to work in a refugee camp. The SolidariTee design pictorially narrates the journey of one asylum seeker, Hossein Ismaili, an Afghani man Tiara worked with during her time as a translator. The image shows the journey him and his son had to make on their voyage from Afghanistan to Germany.

The campaign is growing steadily, this year having made roots in Edinburgh as well as the Universities of Bristol, UCL, Oxford, and many others. We have already received the most incredible support from students, Edinburgh based refugee charities and Members of Parliament.

All the money raised is channelled through the charity Advocates Abroad, who allowed the project to materialise and ensure that all the money is used in the most effective and efficient way.

To support the campaign please like our Facebook page, SolidariTee Edinburgh, and keep updated with all forthcoming events! T-shirts are currently on sale in a range of colours and sizes, and our next big even is on the 24th November where everyone who has bought a T-Shirt country-wide will wear them in a mark of Solidarity!!


So please, join our national campaign and don’t forget to wear your SolidariTee t-shirt on the 24th November!

If you would like to get involved or buy a T-shirt, please contact our FB page or message one of our reps!!

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