“Forrest Gump”, stated Donald Trump,

“Is the kind of guy who’d steal a lump

From my resources of dollar.”

We hear him holler

From his bullet-proof glass box,

Perched on Mars’ white rocks.


A creature of the universe we must concede,

With blood in his veins that would probably bleed

If we were to take a natives spear,

And poke it in places you wouldn’t like to hear.

Are you following my lecture you little chums?

Scribble down every note as it comes.


Perhaps I add questionable value to my speech,

A high professor I may never reach.

But hear my Philosophy topic loud and clear,

For this is the imagined story of a year

Made up to test your conscious minds,

For you to write essays of Platonic finds.


The time is now seventy minutes past three,

And the year is that animal the Bee.

So let’s make a start on em-em-x-vee-i

With a somewhat lax and critical eye.

Dear pupils you must imagine another place of worth,

Another planet, in fact- let’s name it Earth.


Despite their square eyes they’re somewhat similar to us,

They use words, eat dairy and make a fuss.

Now in my last lecture I taught you of war,

A foreign concept to you all and what for?

It’s for this ultimate preach,

A philosophy I hate to teach.


So roll up those socks

And imagine those white rocks-

Now transfer them to Earth,

Where justice is somewhat dearth,

And chaos excites masses,

With some Kings being asses.


But not all you must see!

Like Darius, let me plea-

Power to a virtuous one

Is not so very dumb,

If they lead you through parted seas

Or teach you morals and good deeds.


But these earthlings only work in circles

Often moving slowly like turtles-

A pendulum swinging amidst pi,

Sometimes high to a moral sky!

But lo and behold it plummets down,

Often smashing someone's crown.

Throwing down forums and walls,

Places to feed vetted calls,

Fashionable fascism and unmonitored liberty,

Clean surfaces of all capability.

And each baby born with a spark,

With these lights turning from innocent to dark


Thrust shades of red and green

Everywhere to be seen.

Good child put your hand down!

Yes I can see from your frown!

That your worries are justified

With those blue eyes open wide.


But do not let these facts,

More merciless acts,

Cloud your sunny view

Out the window from your pew.

For this experiment is just a test-

A mere moral pest.


Everyone else here is inhaling my words,

But you, you’re busy questioning worlds.

Perhaps you’re Plato’s beloved cave dream-

A little more sensitive than you seem.

The institution did not warn me of you,

Perhaps you’re more green than blue.


You have not sprung from the popular mundane,

Of dull and fashionable circular brains.

No, you’re as green as a tree,

Not hung up on me

And my babbling words of woe,

You seem to already know.


That your emotions and heart have no place with them,

Rise above and beyond and only then-

You’ll see no one seems to care

About your politics and floppy hair.

But do not be disheartened dear boy,

For no one should be a tyrant's toy.


Crushed and broken in one sweep,

In a deep immoral sleep.

Come, our time is almost gone,

And a conclusion must belong.

Whatever yours is remember this-

The morality you must not miss.


It is pivotal, yes-

But dissect the mess.

Use your heart not your head,

(A cliche you just read).

Disconnect your brain and your words,

Your hand will fly with the birds.


Submit your answer today,

Or in 10 years in May.

Coherency will not be marked by time-

Or poor efforts to rhyme.

Please, go back and seek your youth,

Perhaps then, you'll find the truth.