There are hundreds of magazines in the UK circulating every day- hundreds of thousands. Some on art, some pottery, some on a particular species of woodland animal. How come, we pondered, Edinburgh and the University doesn't have an easily accessible one for students pulsing with creativity that don't necessarily focus their degree or life plans towards their hidden talents? 

We themed each issue to a colour so as to tie together works, hopefully giving you all the chance to develop ideas or even as an opportunity to dig into the portfolio and pull something relevant out. 

Why red as the first colour? It's perfect for the situation - its ambiguity as a shade covers the spectrum of emotions and situations we've  encountered with the magazine. A passion for it, discovering others love for creating and being able to showcase this, a few red eyes from staring at different fonts on a computer screen for so long. The time when this magazine was really underway was also amidst Autumn, with fiery leaves covering every corner of Edinburgh. So, it will be nice to look back at this first issue as being so suited for the time of it's creation. 

We hope you enjoy flicking through the incredible works on the site!