title. Rational Blue

name. Virgilio Da Molo

right now. working as a management consultant at Impact Strategy Consulting

Rational Blue

or If you are sure of something then doubt of yourself

The Insights Discovery method for personality profile classifies people into four colours: red, yellow, green and blue.  It is mainly used in a business environment, and blue represents rationality, logical thought and thorough analysis.  Blues are people that base their opinions on facts, derived from rigorous research and analysis and manipulation of data.  If a blue tells you that something is certain, you should believe him.


Blues have typically jobs as Accountants, Actuaries, Analysts or Auditors, the A team of spreadsheets.  And we all know that if the spreadsheet spits a number, that’s THE number.  As long as you have fed the right data in the spreadsheet, the mythical Excel will do his job.  You just need the right data, easy stuff.  This might be why one of the most common prediction models used on spreadsheets is called Monte Carlo method, a name that gives a good idea of the chances of getting the right answer out of it.  In the business world typically populated by blues, rating agencies are considered pillars of the financial markets but are well known for gross mistakes.  In late 2001, Enron was rated investment grade by all 3 agencies until four days before it declared bankruptcy.


But let’s move to science, bluer than blue, and look at Astronauts.  In 1999, a team of Lockheed Martin engineers used the English system of measurement, while the NASA team used the metric system for the design of a Mars orbiter/satellite.  The orbiter obviously got lost in space pretty soon (and I wonder how the guys managed to put the thing together and make it fly...).  Now, nothing wrong with a mistake, though a costly one.  As the saying goes, and sorry if it comes to mind and paper so often, shit happens, but this happened at NASA, a global leader in applied sciences and quality control procedures. 


Moving to lighter blue, even more creative types such as Architects and Artists can be as deceiving with regards to certainty and truth.  We are probably living in paradise time for famous architects who can express their fantasies at will through designing ultramodern office blocks, hotels and apartment buildings the world over.  In the arts world, experts (critics, historians, curators, etc.) own the truth.


A legend wants that the famous Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani threw away in his mother city of Livorno four sculptures (large heads in his classic style) because unsatisfied with their looks.  The Sovrintendente of Arts, a lady called Vera Durbe’, decided therefore to start dredging the Fosso, an old canal close to Modigliani’s location.  Shortly after, during the hot summer of 1984, three sculptures were found in the Fosso, and various experts were unanimous in attributing the artwork to Modigliani.  Vera Durbe’ gets excited and goes several times on TV to confirm the authenticity of the findings.  Then, a few days later, three students “confess” to the news that one head is theirs.  They sculpted it with a Black & Decker powerdrill and threw it in the Fosso.  They said the guys dredging the channel were “finding nothing, so we gave them something to find”.  Vera Durbe’ dismissed the confession: “Three students?  With a powerdrill?  Don’t make me laugh!”.  So they guys were called on TV, given a piece of stone like the ones used by Modi’, and three powerdrills (don’t remember if the show was sponsored by Black & Decker...).  Two hours later they were giggling and staring at a perfect replica of what found in the Fosso, and “Vera Durbe’, i Modi’ li hai fatti te!” became the laughing stock of Italy.


And now, my favourite example of somebody who was too sure of himself, an Athlete and Activist.  James Fuller "Jim" Fixx is an American born in 1932 who authored the 1977 best-selling book The Complete Book of Running.  He is credited with helping start America's fitness revolution, popularizing the sport of running and demonstrating the health benefits of regular jogging (cit. Wikipedia).  Do you wonder like me what nice life is now conducting this healthy 85 year old man?  He died of a heart attack in 1984, aged 52, while...jogging.


Peace and love



A quick description of the insights personality profiles specially developed for you by Belduque’ is as follows (you can find more official descriptions on their website, just google it):


Rational blue –Preferably white and blond, their social profile ranges from cold herrings to the Wolf of Wall Street.  They are clever and always win at board games.  You feel inclined to count on them and they feel inclined to count your money before deciding if they want to be your friend.  Most of them believe in certainty (the other are crooks) and are therefore extremely dangerous for the survival of human beings.  Men of course dominate this colour.


Creative yellow –Typically dark Mediterranean, keeps on jumping around like a crazy cricket gesticulating and talking as if you could really be interested in what she tells you.  Very social, warm and even hot at times, they are spread across sexes and sexual preferences, and are largely innocuous for human beings besides their partners’ bank accounts.  Their goal in life is to make people happy and we should all be grateful for this, even when it doesn’t really work out.


Sympathetic green – No typical racial, gender, etc etc profile, they are really nice guys.  They really want to do good and we should all appreciate their efforts.  They are so enthusiastic in their willingness to do some good for you that they don’t care about the cost, and they are prepared to spend 50 dollars so that you can get 5.  They are completely incapable of doing any harm to human beings besides the 45 dollars.  We seriously need them because...they are nice guys.


Asshole red – Do you like people shouting at you?  Then you’ll love the adrenalin rush that a real asshole red can bring to your body, and drag you back in time to prehistoric ages when sheer strength was the key determinant of survival.  They thrive on conflict and intimidation and are capable of ruining any social situation in a few angry seconds.  They can be extremely dangerous for human beings especially if they have the RED button close to them.  As a minimum, they deserve a good old spanking every night before bed simply because of their existence.