title. Nude - Porn Before the Internet

name. Virgilio Da Molo

right now. working as a management consultant at Impact Strategy Consulting

Nude – Porn before the internet


Bus 41 is late again.  Third time this week.  I am at the corner of via Pisa and via Orsini.  I am not at the bus stop; I am at home, next to the TV.  My parents are sleeping in their bedroom.  It’s 23:55 and I have just sneaked out of my bedroom.  The striptease on Tele Nord starts at midnight so the bloody bus better speed up.  I need the bus for a simple reason: our TV is seven years old (it was bought in 1973) and, when you switch it on, it makes a loud clunky noise that reverberates throughout the flat.  But the bus is noisier, so no ways my parents can hear and maybe think that I am up at the TV watching cheaply shot striptease shows with young ladies, mature ladies, old ladies, sometimes lacking the “physique du role” but sometimes simply giving me the inspiration for my well deserved daily release.  You need to understand me, I am a 16 year old boy and my favourite images are good looking nude female.  But they are not easy to find.


It’s now 23:58 and...here it is.  The bus has arrived, I have switched on the TV and the striptease is about to start.  I am starting to get turned on dreaming that maybe tonight there will be P.A. (the most sexy girl of my high school) doing the striptease.  The previous show has finally ended and I am glued to the screen.  Oh nooooo!!!  It’s the old lady again.  Third time this week.  But I don’t panic.  There are still at least three chances for tonight.  The movie after striptease 1, striptease 2 at 01:30, the movie after striptease 2, and maybe striptease 3 at around 03:00.  The problem is that the movies are sometimes soft porn, sometimes very soft porn, and sometimes no porn at all.  And, as you have just witnessed, the stripteases are completely unreliable.  The most unreliable is definitely striptease 3, simply because it has an apparently random schedule and some days there is no striptease at all, which makes you think the Tele Nord programme scheduler is a sadist.


Movie 1 tonight is a no porn.  Not even some boobs.  Not interesting either, no ways Tele Nord can secure good movies.  I could switch channel (the channel switches don’t make much noise), but the other six channels available don’t offer much satisfaction.  So I am faced with the first choice of the night: stay up or go to sleep.  My mind is blurred for a second, but then I think at PA, I feel a reaction, and I decide to stay up.  I don’t like to waste time, so I go back to my room, pull out the philosophy textbook and back again to the sofa studying for tomorrow’s test.  I am reading about sophists teaching virtue when the movie suddenly ends.  I realise it because the screen goes all black, and stays as such for a few minutes.  But then...striptease 2 and...nooo!  Wait, she is not bad at all.  I must admit I released on her a couple of times, but now..she’s like a friend.  I have seen her stripping her clothes in front of me at least thirty times, and my response is now weak.  Let’s wait for the second movie.


The second movie is a masterpiece of Italian movie making called La Bestia In Calore (The Beast In Heat).  The movie is about a senior female SS officer/doctor that creates a mutant human beast, a rapacious sex fiend which she uses to torture and molest female prisoners while the Nazis watch.  It is probably one of the worst movies ever filmed and it would be classified as an “exploitation film“ by movie critics.  I agree about feeling exploited and go back to the sophists wondering what they would think about the Nazi lady.  It’s now 02:45, I know something more about sophists, but I am utterly dissatisfied with the images of nude females shown up to now.  My only chance is striptease 3, if the programme scheduler is in a good mood.  The Nazi movie is ending and it is indeed a happy ending because the Nazi lady ends up in the cage with the beast and gets severely punished by her own creation.  The screen is now black, which happens often, because the Tele Nord programme scheduler is a moron as we all know by now.  But I am still hopeful.  Who will come on screen now?  Will she be beautiful and sexy and and and?  Will she look at me in the eyes and turn me on?  Will she deserve a release or should I go back to thinking about P.A.?


Bus 41 is late again.  The last run of the night.  It is supposed to stop at the corner of via Pisa and via Orsini at 03:18.  It’s now 03:21 and still no sign.  You know, I need to switch off the TV and go to bed.  I am tired, but I am happy.  The last 15 minutes have been wild.  First, here comes out this new lady, good looking and well dressed, and she starts looking at me and taking off her clothes.  She is new and fresh and definitely deserving.  I am slowly following her clues and getting closer to the best moment of my day.  But then my phonemachine starts buzzing.  It’s a washup message from P.A.  She is sending me pics of her nude body.  She asks me if I like them.  I say yes let me show you.  The next image is stained, with white creamy spots here and there.


Peace and love



Porn is big business.  During my consulting career I have done some work on content for a pay TV and for a mobile marketing company.  In both cases, what emerged from research and interviews with industry players was that the most lucrative opportunities were in porn.