name. Yu Huimeng

right now. Second year studying Physics at the University of Edinburgh

Can you describe the moment you wanted to capture?

Winter is fiercely cold in Beijing and it was even more in an abandoned factory area. Everywhere was the vestige of industrialization- iron sheet tunnel that reflects light, aircraft’s wing standing on ground… still you found scenes with warm humanity.

Can you describe the moment(s) you captured the photo(s)?

Back in Beijing I went for a random walk in the art zone transformed from an abandoned factory. It was around new year time so no one was there except a group of Korean tourists and kids living nearby.

Where were you when you realised you wanted to make this piece of art?

798 art zone 2015

Were you listening to music when you created this piece?

Can’t remember, probably “walking on a dream”-Empire of the Sun

What have you learnt since creating this piece?

I like to take photos with my phone so that I don’t need to carry the heavy camera around. Months ago before taking these photos I downloaded snapseed( I only use vscocam for editing before) It enables me to adjust more details. And I turned to like high contrast photos that give a dramatic atmosphere, also I was fascinated by the geometric structures that insert another frame into the photo.

Where do you dream of living?

A room without furniture on the top floor of city center apartment.

What does blue remind you of?

“Everything about him was old except his eyes and they were the same color as the sea and were cheerful and undefeated.”

Your Instagram name?

That’s private haha